The rain falls hard…

Andy calls me to wish me a happy new year. Neither of us are anything but. Post-festive downers have kicked in on the first day back in work. He’s in a traffic jam near Blackburn and it’s pissing down. I’ve left my home in Middlewich and am stuck in a similar jam in Stockport. And it’s pissing down. After several minutes of sympathetic moaning as the traffic crawls along the A6, he mentions that a guy he knows has asked us to do something for the SPIN LDN cycling expo in London in March. A few ideas are kicked around – then it comes to me.

I start disjointedly blabbing at 100mph, which is 99mph quicker than the traffic is flowing.

“Bike frames – got to weld a load together – some sort of mad spaceship thing – like a Funkadelic Mothership or something Star Wars-ish – something off its head like that”

The idea clicks together quickly but isn’t quite there yet. The downpour stops and a huge rainbow arcs across the leaden skies of Levenshulme.  A divine sign?

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