Monthly Archives: June 2014

Modelling and welding

This one gets designed on the fly – straight out of the head and on to the page.  I get a couple of frames into the studio and measure the dimensions to work out how and where to make the cuts to get the shape for the sculpture.  Ben builds the model up pretty much ‘live’ in 3Ds Max as I am simultaneously shifting the frames about whilst blurting out instructions on dimensions, wing rake angles and splicing in other details onto the mainframe, such as re-using sprockets, cogs and forks. It needs a cockpit ball.  It needs to be steel.  And 450mm round.  Tyson’s had been making some cool copper spun hemisphere pendant light fittings.  Can you adapt them? Well, yes.  The dimensions go up to Stuart and two super-size copper and steel ones are hand-spun, sent back down and welded together.   They are just right.