The Collaborators

Vinny Smith – Principal Designer/Sculptor.  MD of Northern Backdrop Interior Design
Andrew Gibson – Bespoke Lighting Specialist. MD of Tyson Lighting

We are Heavy Petal

Our businesses had worked together for a couple of years on bar and restaurant projects before we actually met in person.  Shared love of Adidas trainers, The Smiths and The Stone Roses grew into gigs and nights out and ideas being exchanged, with a desire to create something way more left field with design and light.

So we did something about it.

From initially developing a handful of low budget up-cycled pieces mainly for kicks, we started a little sideline from our day jobs that, with help from friends, literally took off its wheels and grew wings, culminating in the creation of the Star Wars themed pieces on the website.

Now with bigger and better fabrication and manufacturing facilities available to us, we are now able to create large-scale sculptures and statement luminaries, developing iconic identity work for retail, commercial interiors and special events.

Heavy Petal is now inviting commissions for new projects in 2015.

So expect more…